LE302 Advanced Electrical Engineering Design II
(Microprocessor Laboratory Module)

cknowledgements: We wish to thank Cypress Semiconductor Corporation for generously donating the equipment used in the laboratory activities of this course. We also acknowledge the continuous support and help received from Susan Camille Flor, Carey Patrick and Patrick Kane in developing the teaching and laboratory material used in this course.

Lecturer: Associate Professor Narong Buabthong

Class Hours and Class Room :

Course Prerequisite: Junior Student

Course Goals:

Course Description:

Credits: 2

Related Courses : LE350 Microprocessor


  1. 50% Lab. Experiment attendance (Individual)
  2. 25% Examination (Individual)
  3. 25% Design projects (group)

Course point grading scale and weights:

Major Facilities :

  1. Microprocessor Training Boards
  2. PC Microcomputers
  3. Oscilloscopes
  4. Logic analyzer

Textbook and References of interest :

  1. Narong Buabthong, Microprocessor Lab sheet
  2. DataSheet CY8C29466
  3. http://www.cypress.com
  4. MikroElektronika, "Architecture and Programming of PSoC Microcontrollers,"http://www.easypsoc.com/book
  5. หนังสือคู่มือการทดลอง PSoC ของ inex
  6. Assembly Language User Guide โดย Cypress
  7. C Language Compiler User Guide โดย Cypress
  8. Libraries User Guide.pdf โดย Cypress
  9. Programmer User Guide.pdf โดย Cypress
  10. เอกสาร คู่มือบอร์ดทดลอง PSoCEval Guide e-book.pdf
  11. วงจรบอร์ดทดลอง PSoCEVAL1_Schem.pdf
  12. PSoC IO Pin-Port Configuration